Facilities Improvement Projects

Requests for facilities improvement projects must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Facilities Improvement Project Policy.

Procedure for Requesting Assistance on Facilities Improvement Projects 

(1) Complete a Facilities Improvement Project Request Form identifying, in detail, the specific new project or project identified within the Facilities Improvement Master Plan for which assistance is requested

(2) Obtain approval from the member of the president’s cabinet with supervisory jurisdiction over the requesting employee, after which the completed form, including project approval by the member of the cabinet, shall be forwarded to the vice president for business affairs and treasurer.

(3) After the vice president for business affairs and treasurer has reviewed the request form and project request, he or she shall make a recommendation to the cabinet and the project request shall be immediately placed on the agenda of the cabinet for final approval at its next cabinet meeting.  Once the cabinet has approved the project request, the director of facilities shall be notified by the cabinet that the request for assistance has been approved and that he or she is to work with the requesting faculty or staff member in carrying out the project. With rare exceptions, the cabinet meets on Tuesday of every week and shall give facilities improvement project requests a priority place on the cabinet agenda.

(4) If an official of the university who reports to the president submits a special facilities improvement project request, the initial request for project assistance shall be submitted to the president for approval. Subsequent to obtaining the approval of the president, the project request shall go through the same review process, as is the case for projects initially submitted through another member of the president’s cabinet.