Competitive Bidding Policy

Approved by President’s Cabinet – December 15, 2003
Revisions Approved by Cabinet September 9, 2014

Bid Forms can be found here

Purchases are defined as supplies, equipment, purchased services, consultants, and contractors.

  1. Dollar Thresholds:
    • $0 – $10,000 – no quotes required
    • $10,000.01 – $25,000 – minimum of 2 quotes (can be verbal)
    • Over $25,000 – minimum of 3 written quotes
    • Although bids are not required for purchases under $10,000, the university strongly encourages departments to seek the best price on all purchases.
    • Purchases of $10,000.01, up to and including $25,000, require 2 quotations. The quotes can be in writing, via telephone or via fax. If by telephone, a record of the transaction must be maintained to include the: name of each supplier contacted; person providing the quote; date of the quote; and, quoted price. Departments can directly solicit bids or request that the purchasing department solicit the bids on their behalf. If the low bid is found to be unacceptable, the department head should write a justification for not accepting the lowest bid.
    • All purchases over $25,000 require 3 written quotations. Departments can directly solicit bids or request that the purchasing department solicit the bids on their behalf. Documentation for purchases over $25,000 are to include the following:
      1. Copy of the “Request for Bids” or the letter soliciting quotes which clearly specify the university’s requirements, such as: quantity; description; delivery; special conditions; drawings; bid due date; etc.
      2. Names and contact persons for suppliers solicited.
      3. Copy of quotes from all responsive suppliers.
      4. Basis for selection and award price.
      5. Justification for lack of competition when competitive bids were not obtained, such as: emergency purchases; library acquisitions; requirements based on lease; rental or warranty agreements; design compatibility with existing equipment; only known source of supply; or agency specified vendor.
  2. When evaluating quotes, consideration should be given to the following criteria when applicable:
    1. Price.
    2. Quality and conformance to specifications.
    3. Delivery schedule.
    4. Life expectancy.
    5. Warranty.
    6. Bidder’s previous record of performance.
    7. Vendor stability.
    8. Ability of bidder to render satisfactory service in this instance.
  3. Unsuccessful bidders are to be notified that the bid has been awarded, although it is not necessary to inform them of the successful bidder.
  4. Documentation of bids and awards are to be sent to the business office with the original purchase requisition, to be maintained for year end auditing purposes.
  5. This policy applies to initial bids for purchases. Documentation to justify why competitive bids are not obtained on renewal contracts of $10,000 or greater must be submitted to the supervisory cabinet member and approved in advance.
  6. This policy applies to all purchases by Daemen University employees and departments. In addition, employees who make purchases on grants where Daemen is serving as the fiscal agent must follow this policy and any additional regulations as mandated by the funding agency. Purchasing policies applicable to federal grants and agreements are listed on the National Archives Code of Federal Regulations webpage.