Corporate Credit Card Use and Reporting

Daemen University provides some employees with a company credit card to aid inĀ travel arrangements and expenditures. Any request for issuance of a Daemen credit card must be made to the Office of Business Affairs. In order to qualify for a Daemen credit card, the applicant should be regularly traveling 3 or more times per year, or have other specific circumstances that necessitate a company credit card. All requests must be signed by department heads and the Office of Business Affairs (see forms page for credit card request form).

Daemen credit cards are on a monthly cycle, ending on the last day of the month. In order to insure timely record keeping and payments for credit cards we are asking you to use the following process to pay these bills.

  • Retrieve your monthly statement from This is available on the 1st of the month
  • Complete a monthly expense report online through the CentreSuite website (instructions are provided to card holders)
  • Upload (when possible) the original receipts for services purchased (Hotel bills, rental car invoices, itemized meal receipts, etc.)
  • Submit the following to the Office of Business Affairs by the 10th of the month:
    • Statement page 1 (only)
    • Expense report (signed by cardholder and their department head/chair). Expense report must be SUBMITTED before printing.
    • All receipts

Please note that this credit card is to be used only for university related expenses. Since the university is a tax-exempt entity, sales tax should not be paid on any transaction in New York State or other states in which we have received tax-exempt status. Our tax exempt number is pre-printed on the Daemen credit card for your convenience. Tax-exempt forms are available in the Office of Business Affairs if you need them.

The credit card should not be used for normal purchases of office supplies and equipment items. These purchases should be made through the Daemen University Purchasing Department using the purchase requisition system. This will insure that issues such as audit compliance, price discounts, taxes, and shipping/return problems can be handled in an expedient manner.

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