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BudgetPak Software

BudgetPak is a stand-alone software and does not utilize single sign on with Daemen credentials. If you are having difficulty logging in or need a password reset, please email business@daemen.edu

You can access the software here:

Budget Process

Daemen now uses the online xLerant BudgetPak system for the budget process which increases the ability to document budget requests and tie to the Strategic Plan all within one system.

BudgetPak contains historical data for each account and can be used in conjunction with Service Budget to Actual to provide comprehensive account detail for budget preparation.

Daemen will again be using BudgetPak for the development of our 2021-22 operating budget. Capital requests are to be included with the operating “asks” for departmental needs.  

For 2021-22 Budget Cycle, these are critical dates:

  • Late January 2021: Update 2020-21 Working Budget with Spring 2021 data.
  • Early February 2021: Completion of revenue assumptions for 2021-22 (Working with Enrollment and Institutional Advancement Offices).
  • February 1BudgetPak opens for 2021-22 budget process. (Revenue assumptions booked, payroll detail updated through Jan 31)
  • February 24: Budgets due to all VPs (work with the VP in your area for any changes to this date)
  • March 1-15: VPBA office working with other Cabinet members to review BudgetPak projections to create balanced operating budget.
  • March 23, March 30: Cabinet Review
  • April 6: Cabinet Budget Reconciliation Meeting
  • Week of April 12: Preliminary 2021-22 Budget approved by the President
  • May 25: Budget sent to Business Affairs committee for review prior to Board of Trustees meeting
  • June 8: Preliminary 2021-22 Budget presented to Board of Trustees

All documentation and clarification should be done in the BudgetPak system using notes and attachments as necessary.

Line item detail should be used for as many budget accounts as possible. If this is not an appropriate allocation method, please use the notes section for further detail. This level of detail will aid in proper budgeting and matching throughout the year. See Line Item detail information in the guides/reference section.

ActionPaks are encouraged for each event or special program/activity to aid in quick budget adjustments. See ActionPak info in the guides/reference section.

Any questions about BudgetPak use or login should be directed to the Office of Business Affairs.