BudgetPak Software

Budget Process

Daemen now uses the online xLerant BudgetPak system for the budget process which increases the ability to document budget requests and tie to the Strategic Plan all within one system.

BudgetPak contains historical data for each account and can be used in conjunction with Service Budget to Actual to provide comprehensive account detail for budget preparation.

The 2019-2020 Budget Process dates are left here as a reference.
The 2020-2021 Budget Process cycle was interrupted by the COVID-19 Pandemic and Executive Orders for closure and therefore was not a typical cycle process.

For 2019-20 Budget Cycle, these are critical dates:

  1. By noon on March 25th, have non-wage requests entered into BudgetPak.
  2. By noon on April 1st, budget holders with access to headcount data should have reviewed and noted any changes (additions, retirements, etc) into the system. Also, should verify existing staff and faculty wages for your units. Contact Controller with any headcount specific questions.
  3. Mid-April (definitive date to come later), finalize revenue assumptions and verify balanced budget is attained, adjust expenses as needed.
  4. End of April (definitive date to come later): Preliminary budget is ready to share with Business Affairs Committee to review prior to the June Board meeting

All documentation and clarification should be done in the BudgetPak system using notes and attachments as necessary.

Line Item Detail should be used for as many budget accounts as possible. This level of detail will aid in proper budgeting and matching throughout the year.

Any questions about BudgetPak use or login should be directed to the Business Affairs Office.